Pantry Raid Hummus

Pantry Raid Hummus

This is a stand-by snack I make at least once a week.  Protein, fiber and deliciousness all together!  (Do I sound health conscious?  Okay, good.  But I wouldn’t eat this unless it tasted awesome…)

15 oz. can chickpeas, drained and well rinsed
2 tbsp tahini or peanut butter (I usually use the peanut butter b/c we always have it…trust me it works just as well)
1 tsp each: garlic powder, coarse salt and freshly ground pepper (add more or less if needed for taste)
Juice of one large lemon (or modify for your own taste)
1/4 cup water

Additions you gotta try:
- Chopped parsley
- Roasted red bell pepper (half a pepper will do)
- Cucumber, dill and sour cream (a bastardized version of tzatziki that has S’s stamp of approval)
- Roasted tomatoes and basil

Make ‘em:

In a food processor, combine ingredients (reserving half the water) and give it a good blend.
To get the blending going, add water or lemon juice sparingly if needed.  It really depends on the chickpea moisture content.  * Keep in mind that adding the peppers, tomatoes or especially the cucumber adds a lot of moisture.
Serve with crackers, tortilla chips, or veggies (celery, bell peppers, carrots…)

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